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How Gorgeous, Gorgeous Girls deal with Curls

Maintaining your beautiful natural curls in 3 easy steps.

What would a clueless girl need to know about curls? My top tips: the curls need moisture and hydration, they need to be clarified, and you need to know how to apply your product correctly.

What most people do wrong is that they put their products in when their hair is super dry, and they don't clarify their hair.

Let's get our curls GORGEOUS in 3 Steps:

1. Clarify- This means detoxing your hair and scalp to remove build-up from the inside and outside of your hair. It’s like removing your makeup to start with a fresh pallet.

a. (BONUS tip- you still need to use clarifying products to detox your hair and scalp even after doing this initial set-up- you’ll know this once your hair starts to not behave and work as it used to, then you’ll need to do this more often than not.)

2. Moisture vs. Protein: Protein basically means it’s like food for your hair, and moisture is like lotion. If your hair stretches really far on a strand and it doesn’t have elasticity, or it breaks or feels mushy, then you will need protein. You’ll know if you need more moisture by taking a wet (or dry) strand of your hair- if it snaps back at you immediately, then you will need moisture.

a. Protein, how to get it. Buy a protein-based shampoo and conditioner or treatment.

b. Moisture? You can buy the shampoo/conditioner or ask us for treatment.

3. How to apply your Product CORRECTLY: Basically- the place people go wrong is not doing this while your hair is soaking wet. It needs to be completely soaked hair!

a. If your hair is more of a curly texture, you’ll want to use a leave-in conditioner and THEN put in your leave-in product in the shower (literally when your hair is soaking wet). Place the product on the ends of your hair and Squish to Condish.

b. Then, take your curl cream or gel in the shower and do the squish and scrunch thru the hair all over with your head upside down and do this all throughout your hair until it feels like it’s clumping together in curl ringlets. Do this throughout your whole head, and you’re squeezing out the water in your hair while doing this.

c. Then, find the right type of towel (like a curl towel, old t-shirt, or microfiber type towel), and what I personally do is: keep my hair upside down and scrunch thru my hair with my towel.

d. Then you can either: gently plop the hair on top of your head and keep it in the towel for about 20 mins and take it out. Then you can air dry it or use a diffuser.

This is a basic method for understanding your hair. I can do a more detailed explanation in another post. Let me know if you want more!

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